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ssh back home with icloud

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BTMM (back to my mac) works splendidly for a remote desktop solution, but let’s say this doesn’t quite work for you for whatever reason:

  • You don’t have adequate bandwidth
  • You have a 1440x900 screen at work and a 2560x1440 display at home
  • It’s a bit much
  • You’d take the commandline any day

Providing you enabled sshd on the remote end (System Preferences -> Sharing -> Remote Login) you can ssh over BTMM too.

OS X’s Terminal.app has knowledge of this built in, simply go to Shell -> New Remote Connection and choose form the list.

But if you’re not using Terminal, it’s easy enough to find:[^1]
~~~ bash
djo@kaiju ~/tmp >:3 echo show Setup:/Network/BackToMyMac | scutil

{ 501 : 000000000.members.btmm.icloud.com. } djo@kaiju ~/tmp >:3 ~~~ But don’t ever type that again! Use this information to add some reasonably meaty stuff to your ssh_config. In this example, my box at home is called ‘gravy’: ~~~ Host shark HostName gravy.000000000.members.btmm.icloud.com ~~~ [^1]: Graciously picked up from https://gist.github.com/skyisle/1856804